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  • how quickly will i get my products?
    once your order is placed, we will hand-create, carefully package, and swiftly ship your order within 4 business days. once shipped, your package will arrive at your door within 1-3 business days! we offer usps first class, priority, and priority express shipping! your candle will arrive carefully wrapped and nestled in a 5x5 inch box to ensure a safe delivery! <3
  • are your products eco-friendly?
    yes! our candles are vegan, 100% organic, clean-burning, and made of soy wax. we use all-natural dye and organic premium strength essential oils to color and scent our candles. our wicks are locally sourced and made of wood. your candle will arrive in a 10 oz glass jar wrapped in honeycomb recycled paper to remain evironmentally conscious. the gems used for the rings are locally sourced as with the sticker components!
  • what if i have an issue with my product?
    we ask that you just message us! we will do whatever we can to right the issue as soon as possible. we can almost always guarantee a refund or a replacement:)
  • how do i work with the wooden wicks?
    wooden wicks are awesome, but can be tricky to master! i strongly recommend reading this article for a better understanding.
  • how long do your candles burn for?
    our eco-friendly candles burn clean for 40+ hours!
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